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We travel. We nerd. We 're making it up as we go. A podcast about a couple's travel adventures and general wanderings.

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    22 - Being Back and Reverse Culture Shock

    You hear all about the wonders of travel but, what happens when you come back? Spoiler: it's not all roses. The reverse culture shock is real. We share our experiences of how it felt coming back home after a year away.

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    21 - Wandersnap! with Jen Loong

    Ah Snap! We have the pleasure of sitting with the founder of Wandersnap, Jen Loong! She created a community for up-and-coming photographers to get matched with travelers and families looking to capture their moments

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    20 - Long Weekend Getaways

    "Oh you Wanderers are always traveling! How do you manage to have that many days off of work?" By doing short trips during long holiday weekends that's how!

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    19 - How Bizarre

    A bizarre yet cohesive mash-up of Community, strange foods, and missed opportunities.

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    18 - Land of Smiles - Thailand

    The Land of Smiles! What makes Thailand so great? We talk about it on today’s episode. People have asked us where they should go for 2 weeks in Asia and we always recommend Thailand.

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    17 - A Wanderer Awakens

    Oh, the lengths we go to for our fandoms! In honor of May the 4th, we share our story of how we managed our way through torrential down pours, bad traffic, and heated arguments to see Force Awakens in Bali.

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    16 - Pero, Let Us Wander

    A crossover episode were we have the pleasure of hosting the Pero, Let Me Tell You Podcast! Since the Pero guys are Cuban boys from Miami, we sat down with them and discussed all things Cuban.

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    15 - Playing Maps and Alternate Travel Destinations

    We lift the veil on our trip planning methods which really mean, we show you how we really don’t plan all that much. The fun is in the adventure and when we choose new places to travel to we try to go to locations we don’t know too much about.

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    14 - Geo is a Savage. And other Answers!

    An off-the-cuff segment where Geo asks random questions to Adry. This time around we discuss strange sleeping arrangements, Geo being a savage when it comes to food, Adry shares a lot of bathroom habits, and more normal topics like best beaches.

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    TIME OUT: April 7, 2017

    TIME OUT! (just like Zack Morris would do in Saved by the Bell) We interrupt the regularly scheduled episodes to bring you a bonus episode with a recap of what we are currently doing and some of our favorite things as well as some not so happy events all in the realm of being honest.

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    12 - Samoa = Moana

    Why did Adry ugly cry during Moana? Because it looked just like Samoa. Though we went because of a visa mishap, Samoa ended up being one of the most unforgettable places we have been to.

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    11 - Like a Freaking Bird - How to Maneuver Air Travel Like a Pro

    Today, we are talking about air travel. Airports bring out the worst in people and we are here to help you not be a dick in 3 easy tips:

    Be organized - bring your passport! You planned this whole trip don’t let a simple organization hiccup trip you up. Have your essentials accessible - make yourself comfortable and have the items you need near you. No sense in having multiple bags with an important item in each bag making you go up and down, back and forth to get each one. Bundle them all together and keep them with you. Wait for the doors to open - Don’t be that guy. The doors aren’t open yet. Where are you going to go? Just file out calmly with all our belongs AFTER the doors open.

    Wandering Wisdom: Packing cubes! What life savers! These are the exact packs we used on our trip and I cannot recommend them enough. They are by Eagle Creek and we have used and abused these guys and they are still kicking. They make packing some much easier condensing clothes while organizing everything. Win-Win.

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    10 - NYC v. CHI Which City is the Best?

    10 whole episodes, guys! The big 1-0! In this episode we finally lay to rest which city is best, NYC or CHI. Who will reign supreme in this epic throwdown between the Big Apple and the Windy City?!

    But, really, it’s not that dramatic. We recently visited both New York City and Chicago on weekend trips and very much enjoyed each experience. But, there must only be one winner...

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    09 - Say Troll One More Time - Norway

    The real MVP of this episode - the Trolls - try to count how many times we say “troll”. But, besides that, we deep dive into Norway! Expanding upon our first impressions mentioned in episode 6, we talk about what we liked and didn’t like about Norway. Though Oslo wasn’t for us, there is undeniable beauty in it with rich culture like the Viking Ship Museum and Vigeland Sculpture park. The best part of Norway was definitely the nature - such stunning fjords in Geiranger and beautiful mountain/sea life in Bergen.

    Travel Tip: You can’t plan for everything. Roll with the punches and take whatever mishaps you might encounter with stride. Don’t let one setback ruin your overall experience

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    08 - Nerding Out with Lady Epi

    We double down on our nerd talk with our first, very special guest Epi! As fate would have it, our paths merged when we all worked in the same building bringing forth a geek-filled friendship.

    Part of the reason we choose some travel destinations is because some of our favorite fandoms were filmed there or inspired by the landscapes. In this episode we have the delight of going down the nerd rabbit hole and talk to Epi about some of our favorite locations.

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    07 - Send Noodz

    Caution: Don’t listen to this episode on an empty stomach!

    An informative episode where the Wanderers talk about their favorite noodles dishes across Asia. Since they aren’t good at English, let alone another language, here are the links to the places and dishes mentioned on the episode:

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    06 - Unfiltered Opinions

    We're crapping all over a lot of places this episode but, hey, that's just, like, our opinion, man! Geo prompts some questions this episode and the Wanderers share their unfiltered opinions on which countries met their expectations and which places are overrated. Some is lighthearted, some not so much but, all moments that shaped us.

    Let us know what you though of today's episode on IG - @usthewanderers Gmail - FB -

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    05 - Burn them all! - Malaysia Pt. 2

    We're in the jungle babyyy Did Adry overcome her ant vendetta? Did Geo get a rash from bamboo? Who started the forest fire? All great questions to be answered in part 2 of the Borneo jungle adventure. Millipede not Centipede: Let us know what you though of today's episode on IG - @usthewanderers Gmail -

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    04 - Into the Jungle - Malaysia pt 1

    Hiya! In this episode we are talking about our wild experience and our time working in a secluded jungle camp in Borneo. Hear about Adry's ant vendetta, Geo's leech problem, and the RATS! It. Was. Awesome! We got caught up in sharing our jungle stories so we are splitting this episode in two so you can get a real sense of all the awe/grime we felt. Geo for scale - See the size of the jungle bugs: If you are interested in WorkAway and volunteering abroad, here is the link to their site:

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    03 - Iceland - First Impressions

    Iceland is a literal land of fire and ice with so much to offer. On this episode we talk about our first impressions of Iceland and our recommendations based on: views, food, and people. The one with the broken lip - Iceland was slippery for Adry but, hey, some people are clumsy. 10/10 would do it again. Here is the link mentioned in the story behind the gram

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    02 - Zombie Pirates of St. Augustine

    We found a common ground in our current TV and book obsessions through St. Augustine, Florida.  How is The Southern Reach trilogy books and Starz Black Sails show related? They aren't but, we sure do find the connection though weird Florida, pirates, and the inevitable zombie apocalypse.  Come along as we connect the dots and plan another trip to see St. Augustine in another light.

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    01 - U.S. theee wanderers

    FIRST! This is our first podcast, you guys! We are looking forward to sharing our adventures - from falling off a glacier to being beat up by monkeys - and sharing tips we've learned along the way like how to pack and which country has the best beaches. We're here to help demystify what it means to travel long term and doing it on a budget. Come along with us as we wander!

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