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We travel. We nerd. We 're making it up as we go. A podcast about a couple's travel adventures and general wanderings.

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    21 - Wandersnap! with Jen Loong

    Ah Snap! We have the pleasure of sitting with the founder of Wandersnap, Jen Loong! She created a community for up-and-coming photographers to get matched with travelers and families looking to capture their moments

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    20 - Long Weekend Getaways

    "Oh you Wanderers are always traveling! How do you manage to have that many days off of work?" By doing short trips during long holiday weekends that's how!

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    19 - How Bizarre

    A bizarre yet cohesive mash-up of Community, strange foods, and missed opportunities.

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    18 - Land of Smiles - Thailand

    The Land of Smiles! What makes Thailand so great? We talk about it on today’s episode. People have asked us where they should go for 2 weeks in Asia and we always recommend Thailand.

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    17 - A Wanderer Awakens

    Oh, the lengths we go to for our fandoms! In honor of May the 4th, we share our story of how we managed our way through torrential down pours, bad traffic, and heated arguments to see Force Awakens in Bali.

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    16 - Pero, Let Us Wander

    A crossover episode were we have the pleasure of hosting the Pero, Let Me Tell You Podcast! Since the Pero guys are Cuban boys from Miami, we sat down with them and discussed all things Cuban.

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    15 - Playing Maps and Alternate Travel Destinations

    We lift the veil on our trip planning methods which really mean, we show you how we really don’t plan all that much. The fun is in the adventure and when we choose new places to travel to we try to go to locations we don’t know too much about.

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    14 - Geo is a Savage. And other Answers!

    An off-the-cuff segment where Geo asks random questions to Adry. This time around we discuss strange sleeping arrangements, Geo being a savage when it comes to food, Adry shares a lot of bathroom habits, and more normal topics like best beaches.

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    TIME OUT: April 7, 2017

    TIME OUT! (just like Zack Morris would do in Saved by the Bell) We interrupt the regularly scheduled episodes to bring you a bonus episode with a recap of what we are currently doing and some of our favorite things as well as some not so happy events all in the realm of being honest.

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